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Sail with us

Sail with us

Sail with us

Sail with us

Sail with us

Sail with us

Sail with us

Since 1994 the barque EUROPA has roamed the seas of the world and built up the reputation of a ship that really sails. A professional crew of 14 and a complement of 48 voyage crewmembers of all ages and nationalities sail her. Tall Ships enthusiasts, some with no sailing experience, take the wheel, hoist the yards, navigate, etc. We, the crew, invite you to sail with us. Each year there are different voyages on the schedule: Antarctica expeditions, Tall Ship Adventures, Tall Ships’ races and long ocean crossings - an experience that many dream of and none will forget.


ANTARCTICA: information evening 4th September

Want to know more about our sailling voyages to Antarctica? Meet up with other trainees? Visit our information evening on Thursday 4th September in Amsterdam. Start of the program from 19.30 hrs with a cup of coffee. Our captain and guide will tell you all about life on board EUROPA and the beautiful places we visit on Antarctica. If you plan to join us this evening, please send us an email at

Download one of the voyage brochures now:
24-day Antarctica voyage starting in Punta Arenas, Chile

22-day Antarctica voyage starting in Ushuaia, Argentina

52-day voyage to Antarctica, South Georgia & Tristan da Cunha and Cape Town (brochure of 2012/13. Please see our sailing scheudle for the accurate dates and rates)

What to expect during your holiday on board EUROPA
  • The ultimate hands on sailing adventure
  • Meeting interesting people on board of all ages and all nationalities
  • Perfect for single travelers and for couples
  • A crew who is more than happy to explain and teach you all about sailing a square rigger
  • Additionally you can take part in workshops learning about life at sea, meteorology, astronomy and navigation.
  • The choice for a holiday of 1 or 2 weeks, or if you prefer you can even stay 3 months on board.
  • An escape from the hectic life ashore


I ve just crossed the main deck to write this blog and saw people enjoying the sun, each others company, the coffee and ginger cake. Some are peeling potatoes and laughing, some are engrossed in drawing and others are just relaxing and watching the countryside go by as we motor
along the canal.

Yesterday we left Svenborg on the Danish coast at noon and with good wind and beautiful weather we sailed south to Germany. On the way to Svenborg there was plenty practise for the voyage crew in tacking, jibing, bracing, hoisting and taking down sail. We all seem to be getting on top of the activity and everyone is relaxing into enjoying the sailing and the watch system.

Coming into the entrance of the canal today was assisted by the pilot and we were berthed beside a container ship registered in Moldovia. It set an interesting contrast to Europas size, history and between engine and sail power. The clicking of cameras as the lock gate shut behind us was soon drowned out by the sound of the engines and enough exhaust to bring a small frown to the forehead of our engineer.

From here its off to Amsterdam for the end of this short voyage unfortunatley, where Europa will recieve some care and repair by the hard working and non stop crew. The voyage crew will all head off to international destinations having shared a quite  unique and at times testing experience on the ship. For me I am looking forward to my next long voyage on Europa hopefully in the not too distant future to Antartica.


Red Watch: Yesterday the sea started to boil. Most of us did not adjust well to these new circumstances. It was so bad everybody slept in the deckhouse. Bar man Andy called it the sleepover from hell!

Today everyone is on their feet again and the wind and waves have gone away. the bad news is however that there might not be enough wind to get us to Fredrikstad and that the engines might be turned on. We hope for more wind!

Today the start of the Race was planned. We crossed the starting line just after a quarter past noon. Our watch began at noon and there was not much wind. Many of us were sunbathing on the deck or exploring the ships nets at the bowsprit.
The second watch of the day began at 2000 till 0000 but until now there is still not much wind. We expect more however; an actual storm!
Until now we are enjoying every minute of this voyage and really look forward to the rest of this trip.

Happy cheers,
Demi & Sylvana (white watch)


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